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 Sanxin Bilingual School International Department was founded in June 2013, striving for a high-standard of education from the very beginning. Having graduated from Cambridge University, Dr. Liu Yuyan, the Principal of the school, is the winner of the Allowance for Outstanding Contributor issued by the State Council of China. Furthermore, he is the country’s first overseas returnee from a world-renowned university to dedicate himself in international education, making him one of the well-recognized experts in the field. 90% of his students managed to get enrolled into the world’s top 100 universities, including Cambridge University, Imperial College London and Columbia University.

The School is divided into two major departments, Junior and Senior.
The Junior Department offers not only compulsory subjects listed by the Ministry of Education, but also O-Level subjects with a personalized all-round development program and intensive English training. Combining the essence of the Eastern and the Western education, the curricula equips students with a solid foundation in English and good learning habits that suit the international educational system, preparing them for further study in the Senior Department.
The Senior Department offers subjects in AP, SAT, and A-Level, with textbooks all in English and bilingual classes taught by foreign education experts and first-class overseas returnees, focusing on students’ academic and language capabilities. Co-Curricular activities also help to cultivate the students’ personality, leadership skills, and sense of social responsibility, making them global citizens with both Chinese minds and International vision, to lay a foundation for their lifelong growth and happiness.
After three years of exploration and development, the School is achieving remarkable results. Up to now, eight graduates from the class of 2016 have applied for UK universities, and have received two interview invitations from Cambridge University, two offers or conditional offers from Imperial College London, and four offers or conditional offers from the world’s top 50 universities such as the University of Edinburgh and Warwick University.
With blueprints drawn for its first 3, 5 and 10 years respectively, Sanxin International School will rise like a star in the night sky,  in international education in China, lighting paths for batches of students to eventually go and study abroad. Walking together into an increasingly globalized world, people at Sanxin will be hard at work to make their education dreams come true, and also do their best to contribute to the realization of the country’s “China dream”.