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Liu Yuyan Principal of Sanxin International Department Doctor degree from Cambridge University, top ten scholars of Britain Leading expert of International Education in China Was the senior scientist of British Royal Society, chemistry department and medical college of Cambridge Winner of Special Allowance from the State Council, selected scientist of “100-talent programme&rdq...[MORE]
Member of Board of Trustees Master degree of mathematics from Beijing Normal University, the authoritative expert of international education, engaging in international education for more than 10 years
Vice Principal Senior trainer of IELTS / TOEFL / SAT   Awarded the SM1 full-scholarship by Singapore's Ministry of Education, Mr. Huang Zirui embarked on his overseas journey at Anderson Secondary School (O-Level) and then National Junior College (A-Level) both in Singapore, after which he obtained his B.Eng. (Environmental Engineering, Translation) and M.A. (Contemporary China) at Nanyang Technological University. He has years of experience in IELTS / TOEFL / SAT training, and used to be a proctor of SAT Test Center in Singapore.
Art teacher/Assistant of Admission Office   Graduated from Northeast Normal University, specialized in sculpture. With solid foundation of professional knowledge and rich teaching experience. Some of his works were collected by Jilin HuaQuiao University of Foreign languages.
Deputy director of Education Administration Master degree of Biology teaching, senior teacher of AP/A-Level with rich teaching experience.  Participated in several experiments and research in the frontier fields of biology.  
Deputy director of overseas counseling Center/Teacher of AP/A-Level Statistics   Graduated from New Mexico State University, majored in mathematics teaching. Familiar with the different education systems of British and America. Excel in the planning of application of universities.
Academic assistant/Teacher of AP Computer Science   Dual degree, majored om computer science and technology. Engineer of national information and applied technology.
Teacher of Physical Education and Assistant of Moral Education   Master’s degree of physical education and training, national volleyball coach, secondary referee, a professional teacher with many years teaching experience.
Bilingual Physics teacher   Graduated from ECNU, majored in Physics. First-grade Teacher (Secondary School), prominent teacher of Zhongshan with rich teaching experience. Good at stimulating learning interests students and following the principal “combing education with recreation.”
Senior teacher of AP/A-Level Mathematics/physics   Graduated from Tsinghua University, majored in Mathematical Sciences, an experienced teacher with 6 years teaching experience of AP/SAT/ALevel curriculum. He is excel in systematic thinking and integrate of teaching resources, which has been taught to the students. Ninety percent of his students got 5(full score) in AP Calculus (BC). He is the students’ favorite teacher. He can teach mathematics, physics and chemistry of AP/A-Level curriculum. Besides, he has a good knoeledge of Japanese.
Senior teacher of AP psychology Master degree in counseling psychology from University of British Columbia, Canada. Master degree in psychology education from Liaoning Normal University, China. Worked as a counselor in Canadian and Chinese cultures with 12 years teaching experience. Was a member of BC association of clinical counselor and practices parenting , marriage and individual counseling in English and Mandarin in Lower Mainland area.
Senior teacher of American History/Economics The holder of a master degree majoring in World History and a doctor degree majoring in History  of Economics. One of the most popular teacher with rich teaching experience.  
Senior teacher of AP Mathematics Graduated from Jilin Normal University, majored in mathematics. National Secondary Coach of Mathematical Olympiad, with 3 years teaching experience of international curriculum.
Senior teacher of AP Statistics/A-Level Mathematics   Master’s degree from Fuzhou university, majored in mathematics. With many years teaching experience of international curriculum, good at using flexible methods.
Chemistry teacher of AP/A-Level   With 2years of rich teaching experience of international curriculum, good at communicating with students and stimulating their learning interests.
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